The Terrible Twos

The phase every mama anticipates and fears, the terrible twos. First of all, if you haven’t gotten to the terrible twos yet brace yourself. Secondly, if you are there right now prayers for your sanity mama because, girl I’m with you. Lastly, if you have passed the terrible twos stage then pat yourself on the back and enjoy a nice cold one, you’ve earned it!

The Terrible Twos

How do You Know You’re in the Terrible Twos?

Trust me, you will know when you are in the terrible twos. The common behaviors your toddler will exhibit during the terrible twos are, but not limited to, screaming, kicking, biting, smacking, hair pulling, end of the world meltdowns, and so on of the like.

You might find that you are unable to enjoy going out to eat anymore as your toddler now wants to run around the restaurant.  You may find that what was once a leisurely outing going shopping is now a trip that you dread to your core as you sprint through the aisles before your baby explodes.

What is Going on With Our One Sweet Babies?

The terrible twos are so famous because they pretty much happen with every baby somewhere between 18 and 30 months. So, mama don’t worry, this is a perfectly normal stage in your child’s development!

Babies between these ages are discovering their newfound independence while still needing to depend on their parents. So many mixed emotions are happening!

Now that they can move around on their own, they want to explore this world that is brand new to them! However, your toddlers physical abilities are not fully developed yet and there are rules to be followed. This can be very frustrating and hard for them to understand.

They suddenly want to do everything on their own and NO is now their new favorite word. No is a very popular word in my household right now. “Can I help you with this?” No! “It’s time for a bath honey.” No! “You have boogers in your nose can I get them please?” No!

They are becoming aware that they have their own likes and dislikes, their own wants and needs. The only problem is they still lack the ability to express just exactly what they are. Imagine you want chocolate ice cream but are given vanilla instead. Imagine you need a drink of water but are too short to reach the cups. Simple yet frustrating right?

Since they are not yet able to express their wants and needs verbally, this leads to tantrums and outbursts. They have all these big emotions built up inside without the proper way to express themselves.

Toddlers coming into their independence don’t yet understand that there are still rules to be followed and things that need to be done. If my baby had it her way she would eat cookies for dinner and brush her teeth never.

Tips How to Make it Through the Terrible Twos

So how do we come through to the other side of the terrible twos still in one piece? How do we help toddlers stay calm and mamas stay sane? Here are a few tips:

  1. Stick to a routine: Sticking to a schedule will help your toddler anticipate what is going to happen throughout their day. This may help them feel more secure with their world around them. It is perfectly fine to deviate from the routine, but your toddler will certainly benefit with a more consistent schedule. Try to aim for the same round about time for naps, eating, and play.
  2. Let your toddler make choices: Instead of telling your toddler what to do let them be the decision makers too. For example: when getting ready for bed say “We are getting ready for bed now would you like to wear your blue or green jammies?” Your toddler will feel more in control of a situation if they are given options, not orders.
  3. Keep distractions and snacks with you at all times: You never know when your toddler might have a hankering for a snack. When you’re out of the house keep plenty of snacks with you and bring options. Also, bring some of their favorite toys in case they are needing some stimulation especially during car rides.
  4. Stay positive and calm: It can be hard to stay calm while your child is having a meltdown in the checkout line. However, if they see you staying calm and speaking positively it will help to calm their mood as well. Also, it’s also helpful to not always react to their defiance. If you act as if the behavior will not get a reaction, they are quick to move on from the situation.
  5. Screen time is fine mama: If your toddler is just not having it and you need a break it’s perfectly fine to let them have some screen time. You can limit the amount of time they get and also pick out tons of educational shows for them to watch.

I hope this post helps you survive the terrible twos mama. Don’t forget you are not alone!

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