Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials

When you become a new mama, you’ll realize that a properly well-stocked diaper bag is essential and quickly becomes your number one side kick for any outing. After all, a diaper bag isn’t just any old tag along item. A diaper bag is comfort, security, and a new trusted friend you rely on!

Having a diaper bag that’s stocked to a T equips you with the confidence to handle any situation you may encounter, whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, a walk in the park, a dinner with some friends, or an all-day outing.

You may think, “Well how hard could it be to pack a diaper bag?” Actually, it can be pretty challenging, especially for a first-time parent. I can recall countless moments in my new motherhood adventure where I was kicking myself in the rear for not packing that essential item.

Figuring out the basic essentials you might need for an outing can be difficult! You can also easily overstock your diaper bag, so you end up lugging around a suitcase of items that really aren’t necessary.

Here you will find a list of essential, must have items to pack in your diaper bag that are sure to save the day mama for any potential scenario!

The Diaper Bag Checklist

When packing your diaper bag make a mental checklist of the items you may need due to the trip you are about to take. For example: how long you are going to be gone, where you are going, possible weather conditions, possible accidents, and things of the like. Also, how old your baby is will play a factor in the items you will need to pack.

Diaper bags should be packed for preference and convenience, so don’t think you need to pack the exact items other mamas may do. Below is a list of the basic essentials to get you started. You can then add on or take away items based on your specific situation and baby.

  1. Diapers
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Extra pacifiers
  4. Spare set of clothes
  5. Bottles/Sippies
  6. Food for baby/Snacks/Water
  7. Burp clothes/Wash clothes
  8. Disposable bags for soiled diapers/clothes
  9. Hand sanitizer
  10. First aid kit
  11. Toys!

Diaper Bag Extras

A diaper bag can be packed not only with the essentials, but for a specific situation, which may entail you packing some extra goodies for your outing. Really examine the trip you are about to take and add the proper items you could possibly need to pack as a precaution!

  1. Extra blanket
  2. Sunscreen/Hat for warmer weather
  3. Hat/Gloves for colder weather
  4. Extra toys!
  5. Nasal aspirator
  6. Extra hair ties
  7. Extra pair of shoes

Pack you Some Extras too Mama!

Don’t forget to add some extra items for you mama! It can be very convenient to merge your purse items into the diaper bag to avoid lugging around extra baggage.

  1. Snacks/Drink for yourself
  2. Nursing cover
  3. Extra shirt in case of spit up
  4. Special compartment for wallet/keys

Packing Tips

You have all the essential items you could possibly need; now how do you pack the diaper bag? Listen mama, if there is not some sort of organization you can quickly find yourself feeling like Marry Poppins. You’ll be digging around in an endless pit hoping your hand grazes the item you are looking for. Or to make matters worse, you can have a hysterical mess pulling at your pant leg while your frantic to find what they need.  

Here to save the day are some handy dandy tips sure to help you find what you’re looking for quickly!

  1. Use clear or colored baggies to categorize your diaper bag essentials
  2. Pre-portion bottles or pre-portion snacks
  3. Take advantage of the pockets to organize the items by category

Extra Tips

  1. Pack extra items in your car
  2. Restock the diaper bag as soon as you get home
  3. Make sure to update items based on the season

If you found this list helpful, be sure to check out the Road Trip Essentials for Toddler checklist next!

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