Cheap Baby Clothes

Cheap Baby Clothes

Cheap baby clothes? Do those exist? I am here to save the day a reassure you mama that yes in fact they do! You may just have to put a little bit more effort in the search.

As I became a new mama, I quickly learned a hardcore fact about baby clothes; they are not always cheap! In fact, baby clothes items can easily be just as expensive, if not more, than your average adult clothing items!

This just blew me away. I mean you would think that less material to use on the clothing item would make it cheaper right? Am I doing the math right here? Wrong.

I have a daughter who is 18 months old and a newborn on the way so cheap quickly became my middle name. Once she hit about the 6-9 month stage she began growing like a weed! Seriously.

I felt as if we were having to purchase new clothes monthly just to keep up with our growing sprout! I then did some in depth research to find the most affordable options of online and offline shopping for cheap baby clothes. Take a look below!

Cheap Baby Clothes Online

  1. Shein:  Super cute outfits for a reasonable price. You can find some extra good deals sometimes! Discounted shipping for first time users and free for orders placed over a certain price.
  2. Gerberchildrenswear: Their baby clothes are freaking adorable and one of the cheaper online stores I have found. Also, the shipping is a fair price at 5.95.
  3. Carters: Carters has really great options of baby clothes at a fair price. Check out their sales section on their website you can find some killer deals. They also offer the option of in store pick up for free which is really nice if you want to avoid shipping charges. Other than that they offer free shipping over 35$ spent.
  4. Burkes Outlet: You can find some pretty sweet deals at burkes. Always check out their clearance section as I have found some items priced as low as a couple dollars and sometimes a few cents! Shipping is a flat rate of 9.99.
  5. BabyMallOnline: I included babymallonline because their bundled baby items are fairly priced. I am al about the bundled options shen shopping for baby clothes! I also love that they have free shipping!
  6. Amazon: Amazons bundled baby cloth items are priced fairly! Also, their baby accessories are priced at a reasonable cost. Shipping is free offered to prime members.
  7. Walmart: The holy grail of cheap. My go to place when I’m in the clutch. Walmart offers the most affordable baby clothes for online and instore purchasing.

Cheap Baby Clothes in Your Own “Backyard”

  1. Baby shower: Babies grow super-fast out of those newborn clothes. Of course, you need a few newborn items, but I would suggest asking for larger sized clothing items. They will stay in them awhile longer such as 3-6 months and 6-9 months.
  2. Family members/Friends: If you’re lucky enough to have family members or friends who have smaller babies ask them if they have any baby clothes from their child’s younger stages they would like to donate! There is nothing better than free baby clothes.
  3. Thrift stores: I have found that goodwill or other local thrift stores will most likely offer cheaper baby clothes then most retail options. Also, always be on the lookout for that beautiful yellow clearance sign. They are your best friend!
  4. Yard sales: You can find a goldmine of baby clothes at yard sales if you find the right one. Be on the lookout for when your town and surrounding towns have their city-wide yard sales.

Tips from Mom to Mom

  1. Keep those stained baby clothes! You do not have to get rid of every item of clothing that has stains on them. Honestly that next new outfit you put on your baby is most likely to get a stain within 5 minutes. It is perfectly fine for your baby’s clothes to have stains on them. They are living, growing, beautifully messy beings who, to let you in on a secret, do not care what they are wearing.
  2. Save all of your baby/toddler’s clothes. If you plan to have other children in the future it will save you tons of money to have that stock of baby clothes just waiting to be used. If you don’t plan to have other children, you can save them for another mama in need. Pass on the love and save some other mama that extra expense of purchasing baby clothes.
  3. Repurpose your baby clothes for craft projects! You can make all kinds of things that will be a precious reminder of your baby’s first years and that you can then pass onto your children when they get older. You can make quilts, stuffed animals, framed collages, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Whether your baby is wearing a 20$ outfit or a 1$ outfit, I assure you they will both end up just as worn and just as dirty. At the end of the day, if you are loving your baby mama, and doing all you can to ensure their well-being, then you are doing absolutely everything right.

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