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Baby Congestion

Baby Congestion

Baby congestion is, quite frankly, the absolute worst! Not only is it uncomfortable for your sweet baby, it is also frustrating and disheartening for the parent. However, it is actually quite normal for your baby to have a runny nose whether it be from irritants such as dust or pet hair, lack of moisture in …

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The Terrible Twos

The Terrible Twos

The phase every mama anticipates and fears, the terrible twos. First of all, if you haven’t gotten to the terrible twos yet brace yourself. Secondly, if you are there right now prayers for your sanity mama because, girl I’m with you. Lastly, if you have passed the terrible twos stage then pat yourself on the …

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Pacifiers for baby


When I became a new mama, I questioned whether to let my baby use pacifiers or not. I was one of those mamas who was worried about the weaning off phase. Did I want to deal with that drama? I quickly learned that it was not solely my decision but my baby’s as well that …

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