Baby Congestion

Baby congestion is, quite frankly, the absolute worst! Not only is it uncomfortable for your sweet baby, it is also frustrating and disheartening for the parent.

However, it is actually quite normal for your baby to have a runny nose whether it be from irritants such as dust or pet hair, lack of moisture in the air, or a cold virus. So, buckle up mama you’re going to swimming in snot for most of their younger years.

Why do babies get congested so often?

Runny noses may seem like the never-ending story with your baby. One of the main reasons why it is so frequent is because their nasal passages and airways are small and aren’t mature yet.

Nasal passages get inflamed when they are irritated either from a cold or another source. When our noses are inflamed that means the tissues, blood vessels, and nasal polyps inside your nose become swollen with extra fluid and it creates that very “full” or “stuffy” feeling.

Babies also do not have the capabilities yet to simply pick up a tissue and blow their noses when they are runny and congested. All that snot just keeps building up without a means of escaping your baby’s tiny nasal passageway.

What are some home remedies to help with your baby’s congestion?

It may be your first instinct to rush to the doctor when your baby is showing symptoms of a runny nose or congestion, however that is not always needed! I used to always take my baby to the doctor immediately only to be sent home with recommendations of home remedies and a bill for a visit that wasn’t necessary.

So, doctor up mama. Here are some at home remedies that will help your sweet baby breath, eat, and sleep better.

  1. Saline Drops: Saline drops (use saltwater unmedicated) are a must as they will help loosen your baby’s mucus. All you need are just a few drops into each nostril and let the saline work its magic! I am a huge fan of them because not only do they help get the snot out, but you can use them as frequently as needed throughout the day.
  2. Suck those boogies out: Use a rubber bulb syringe to pull out the trapped mucus in your baby’s nose. For optimal boogie removal use a couple of saline drops beforehand. Prepare yourself mama as you will be surprised just how much snot comes out of your baby’s nose! Be sure to clear your baby’s nose before each feeding and before bedtime.
  3. Time to invest in a humidifier: Cool-mist humidifiers add moisture in the air and can help your baby breathe more easily. Especially use a humidifier during the winter season as the cold air can cause dryness and worsen your sweet baby’s congestion! When the humidifier adds moisture to the air it helps loosen up the mucus trapped inside the nasal passageway. Be sure to clean frequently to avoid mold growth!
  4. Steamy bath: If you do not have a humidifier a nice trick for some congestion relief can be found during a warm bath or you can shut the door and have a sweet little sauna session with your baby! You can also just let hot water run while in the bathroom to create a nice steamy atmosphere. Just be sure to limit this time to 10 minutes or less so you don’t risk overheating.
  5. Remove all potential irritants: Break out the sweepers! It’s important to sweep regularly, I aim for once a day, to remove pet hair, dander, and dust. Do not smoke around your baby and its best to avoid lighting your scented candles for a while. It also will be beneficial to change out your home’s air filters as recommended.
  6. Load up on the fluids: Staying hydrated is key as it helps to thin out the mucus! It can be a huge challenge to feed your baby when they are congested because it becomes more difficult for them the breath and suck properly. You may find that you have to feed your baby more frequently to compensate for the reduced feeding time. Do your best to keep feedings regular and to monitor wet diapers.
  7. Cuddles: Some tender loving care is a must! Some much-needed rest and cuddles can work magic for your congested baby. If they attend a daycare, it may be best to keep them home so they can relax and get the rest they need.
  8. Massage: That’s right mama, a little baby massage can help your baby’s congestion! Gently rub you baby’s forehead, nose, cheeks, and head with your fingers. Your touch is also soothing to your baby which will help comfort them if they are fussy from the congestion.

Thankfully simple nasal congestion can be treated, and symptoms reduced with the help of the natural home remedies listed above! However, there are cases when it can indicate a more serious medical issue. Pay attention to your child symptoms and contact a doctor if you baby experiences any of the symptoms listed below.

When do you call a doctor?

  1. Trouble breathing
  2. Cough that lasts more than 3 weeks
  3. Nasal discharge persists more than 10-13 days
  4. Your baby is having trouble with feedings
  5. Fever that lasts more than 3 days
  6. Any fever if baby is under 3 months old
  7. Earache occurs

I hope this post was helpful and the home remedies relieve your sweet baby’s nasal congestion! Stay positive mama, you both will get through this snotty phase!

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