About Me and FindingMamahood's Beginnings

Hi Mamas!

I’m honored to be a part of your mamahood journey 🙂 My name is Rachel Meyer. A proud mama of two wonderful little girls and a wife to my hardworking husband. I live in a small town in Southern Indiana where the corn grows in every which direction. 

Becoming a mama is the most fulfilling heart wrenching adventure I’ve been blessed to experience. It is also the most challenging and downright scariest. 

Moms don’t get the credit they most certainly deserve. We are entrusted from our loving God with the well-being and growth of another human being! I still can’t wrap my mind around the huge responsibility bestowed upon us mamas.

Once you become a mama pretty much every moment, of everyday is devoted to this tiny person, or persons. It is moments filled with awe, amazement, and a deep setting joy that can’t be explained. 

It is also filled with moments of self-doubt, worry, and a loneliness as you separate from who you once were and learn to become someone new. I yearned for a connection to the outside world, but not in the same ways I used to. 

I wanted relationships that were rooted in honesty and the down-right truth of things. I craved a connection to mamas going through the same life changing journey as myself. 

What were their highs and their lows? How did they manage to keep their minds from spinning out of control while still holding the tornado of a household together? What were their struggles in the day-to-day of mamahood? Was I alone? Or did other mamas feel, and struggle, and experience the same bittersweet joy I did?

I am here to tell you mamas asking the same questions I did that in you are very much NOT alone. 

FindingMamahood started as an avenue for the connection and oneness I craved with other mamas. It has become a place to share stories, swap advice, and simply get some shit off our chest. It is a clubhouse if you will. So mama, wherever you are in the world, there is a place here for you.



Check out the blog posts section HERE! If there is a specific topic you would like covered mamas, please feel free to send me an e-mail in the Contact section. 

Remember you are a damn straight rockstar! You CAN do hard things.

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