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Finding Mamahood


Mamahood is a lifelong adventure. It'll test you, break you, mold you, and transform you. A version of yourself emerges from the depths of love you never knew you could hold for another person. You become a mama.

It takes a village to raise a child. The truth of this statement rang so true to me once having children of my own. FindingMamahood is a place for all moms to find support, encouragement, advice, and fellowship with mamas anywhere in the world. Never alone, together in our hearts.

About Me and FindingMamahood's Beginning

Hi Mamas!

I’m honored to be a part of your mamahood journey 🙂 My name is Rachel Meyer. A proud mama of two wonderful little girls and a wife to my hardworking husband. I live in a small town in Southern Indiana where the corn grows in every which direction. 

Becoming a mama is the most fulfilling heart wrenching adventure I’ve been blessed to experience. It is also the most challenging and downright scariest. 

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